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Raising the Profile of a MEMS Company Against Large, Entrenched Rivals

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Client Testimonial

mCube had an exciting story to tell and we needed a marketing and PR partner who could create and amplify a differentiated message, to generate major buzz with U.S. customers, press and analysts, and ensure our story creatively came to life across all of our marketing channels. Thanks to Tanis, mCube is now recognized for its substantial innovation in motion sensors and vision for the future of this market. The outcome exceeded our highest expectations.

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  • Ben Lee CEO

Company and Product Launches

Leaving Stealth-Mode Behind

Is there anything more exhilarating than ramping up to launch your company or product? Seeing all of those long days and seemingly insurmountable challenges you had to hurdle to see your idea turn into something great is very rewarding. We know how hard you worked to get here — that’s why we treat every client and product launch with extra special care.

We approach launches as a collaborative effort between your team and ours. Together, we:

  • Set launch goals so your marketing investment best supports your business priorities
  • Develop your brand strategy so it is relevant, differentiating and motivating to your target audiences
  • Align business and marketing objectives to ensure your brand promise is in line with the expectations you set with your customers
  • Define target audiences and articulate the biggest benefits your company or product brings to them
  • Craft your narrative and supporting storylines to deeply connect with the people who matter most to you
  • Create the right mix of PR, marketing and social tactics to get you the best exposure

Ready. Set. Launch.

Once the plan is done and the goals are set, it’s time to launch. And we don’t hold anything back when we’re driving your launch. Using our expertise at blending the right mix of public relations, marketing communications, website design and development, social media and content marketing, we get your company or product in front of the right influencers and customers for maximum exposure.

So if you’re thinking about emerging from stealth-mode or bringing a new product to market, we’d love to help you.

Contact us for a free communications assessment to see if you’re launch ready.