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Ready To Make Waves?

Ready To Make Waves?

It's a new era for marketing. That's why our PR and communication services are thoughtfully planned and creatively executed to accelerate your business possibilities.

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Why Do We Do It?

Why Do We Do It?

We love what we do. But even more so, we love seeing our clients succeed. Find out how we helped our client, mCube, rise above the noise.

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What's On Our Mind?

What's On Our Mind?

We have lots of ideas – especially how to help clients engage with their most important stakeholders. CEOCFO Magazine spoke with Nikki Tanis about how the agency is making this happen in the rapidly changing world of marketing.

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What our clients are saying

mCube had an exciting story to tell and we needed a marketing and PR partner who could create and amplify a differentiated message, to generate major buzz with U.S. customers, press and analysts, and ensure our story creatively came to life across all of our marketing channels. Thanks to Tanis, mCube is now recognized for its substantial innovation in motion sensors and vision for the future of this market. The outcome exceeded our highest expectations.

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Our work with the Tanis team resulted in not only great press coverage, but because they clearly understood our key business goals and strategies, they effectively and succinctly reached the most important audiences with the content that helped drive our business forward.


We knew that we would only have one chance to launch our company and it was very important to get it right. Working with Tanis, the launch exceeded our expectations in every way. From brand, messaging and identity, to the website, and massive outbound PR effort - Tanis managed it all.

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